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Nutritherapy has a team of qualified professionals offering a wide range of different services. Nutritherapy offers consultations with qualified Naturopathic, Homeopathic and Allopathic practitioners. As well as trained nursing and paramedic staff with many years of experience.



Dr P.M. Rowan 

Michael Maitre

Dr Lara Beguin

Dr P.M. Rowan (MBBch)


 Dr P.M. Rowan MB Bch (Rand) D.A. (SA)-Extract from a lecture given by Dr P.M. Rowan in June 1998

'Medicine is an art not a science, patients are individuals and do not conform to statistics. With this in mind each patient is a special being who needs to have their story heard. In unravelling why they are not well, so they become empowered to heal themselves. Physical disease is very often as a result of emotional issues that have not been dealt with, and manifest as chronic infection,pain,inflammation etc. Simplifying a problem and replacing missing nutrients, detoxifying and allowing the body to heal itself , is very often all that is required.'

Dr P.M. Rowan has over 12 years experience in the field of Alternative medicine. She is a qualified General Practioner with a diploma in Anesthetics. She has been practicing medicine since 1972 with her own anesthetic practice for over 25 years. Her experience in conventional allopathic medicine as well as alternative medicine allows her to accuratly access the medical requirements of her patients.

Considered a local athority on Bio-Oxidative Medicine , Alternative Intravenous Therapies, Darkfield Analysis and specialized Nutrition, Dr Rowan is a leading figure in the field of alternative medicne and complementary practices. With many interantional qualifications as well as extensive contacts in the field of alternative medicine globally, she strives to bring the most cutting edge and effective treatments into the country.

In keeping with the idea that patients are people, Dr Rowan likes to have an hour long consultation with new patients and at least half an hour follow up consultations.


Medical Degree MB.Bch
University of the Witwatersrand 1972

Internship Coronation Hospital –
Surgery Prof Lewin 1973
Medicine Prof Grieve 1973

Senior Internship Paediatics
Tygerberg Hosp 1974

Registrar post Dept Anesthetics
Tygerberg Hosp Prof Foster 1975- June 1976

Diploma in Anesthetics
College of Medicine 1977

Solo practice in Anesthetics
Jan 1978 – 1998 working at private
Hospitals in Johannesburg and the East Rand.

Diploma from International Oxidative Medicine Association
Oklahoma USA 1999

BOzone Congress of Swiss/German Ozone Associations
Zurich 2000

Member of South African Hypnosis Association

Member of Western Cape Traditional Medicine Association
Prof Kubikeli

Committee member of SASIM
South African Society of Intergrated Medicine

Darkfield Microscopy
Dr Michael Coyle 2001

Sujok Acupunture
Dr George Georgio 2002

Registration Details
Practice Number: 1445820
Registration with HSPCA : MP 0153958


Michael Maitre

I Love What I Do!!!

And what I do is assist both men and women of all ages who have decided to improve their health and live their lives with more energy, less stress and feeling fantastic all of the time! I believe that managing ones health is a conscious choice by people who realize that feeling great, living pain and disease free is a personal responsibility. The modalities I work with are designed to assist us cope and combat the countless pressures and health threatening life style choices we encounter on a day to day basis.

Body Stress Release (aka BSR) is a gentle technique which works against the locked tension within our musculature system, this overloading becomes stored and over time results in diminished nerve supply to our brain.organ and limbs, which in turn limits the flow of oxygen rich blood throughout. Locked in tension reduces our bodies natural tendancy to achieve a healthy life force where the body heals and maintains itself.  

Craniosacral Therapy, a system of alternative medicine intended to relieve pain and tension by gentle manipulations of the skull regarded as harmonizing with a natural rhythm in the central nervous system. Our adrenaline saturated bodies are almost never out of fight or flight mode resulting in adrenal burnout, fatigue, tension headaches, moodiness, depression etc the list is endless. CST looks at quietening the body, stilling the mind and allowing the person to reach a deeply relaxed phase in order to try influence the production of cerebrospinal fluid.

Nutritional Coaching, the basis of health starts with the environment one creates for oneself through the body! Bad diet and poor nutritional choices result in an overload of sugar and acidity and this is the root cause of reduced immunity, inflammation and a breeding ground for life threatening diseases. Raw, colourful, varied healthy food choices will result in fantastic energy levels, glowing skin, improved concentration, reduced stress, increased mental abilities, a renewed zest for life! The choice seems easy but in reality not so, sugar addiction and years of bad eating habits can make this a difficult road. Hence nutritional coaching, using the research of the internationally renowned nutritionist Patrick Holford, the client and I work toward breaking these limiting bad habits and replacing them with life giving choices small individual steps at a time. A healthy lifestyle is a joy to achieve and one should enjoy and appreciate the process of the journey.

From being a Sea World show presenter to gallivanting around the world as an RCI representative, from studying a Social Science degree to Tantric massage I finally found a field which fueled my interests, allowing me to grow and give as a person. Health is a gift we give ourselves and others everyday. I consider myself incredibly lucky to work in a practice such as Nutritherapy where like minded people share knowledge and experience on a daily basis .


Bachelor of Social Science 
1985 - 1987

M.B.S.R.A (SA)

Body Stress Release

Upledger Institute

Craniosacral Therapy

Nutritional Science

Institute of Optimal Nutrition
2015 - 2016

Dr Lara Beguin

Dr Lara Beguin qualified as a homoeopathic practitioner from the University of Johannesburg in 2006.

She uses a combination of a variety of diagnostic methods such as, iridology, physical examinations, comprehensive case taking and equipment such as the QUANTEC® and conventional laboratories to establish an understanding of the person’s health, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Dr Beguin has completed a course in iridology in 2001. Iridology is based on the scientific study of the iris. It reveals physiological conditions, psychological health risks, challenges and strengths of various organs and personality traits. Through iridology she can get an understanding of the patients past, present and potential future health conditions by assessing various body systems.

She has been using a QUANTEC® since 2011. QUANTEC®, is a ‘system of instrumental bio-communication’’ that won a Gold Medal for the best innovative in the field of health development in Europe in 2010.

The QUANTEC®scans the human body’s energy field to identify any existing disorders on an electromagnetic level.  It scans more than 50 000 remedies in over 200 databases for a solution specific to each individual person. Physical, mental and spiritual levels are assessed. The QUANTEC® generates a healing sheet containing all the relevant frequencies and potencies that is needed to correct or support a number of existing dysfunctions in the person. A homoeopathic remedy or any other alternative treatments specific to each person is given at the same time to further support and restore the healing process.    

 Dr Lara Beguin has also completed her course in biopucture in 2006. This is an injection therapy in which specific body zones or points are injected, in order to regulate inflammatory processes and support natural repair mechanism. Most of these injections are given into the subcutaneous tissue just beneath the skin or muscles.