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Platelet Rich Plasma- PRP

Platelets initiate repair and attract the assistance of stem cells. PRP injection therapy works by releasing the growth factors in an injured site or arthritic joint. PRP has 3-9 times the growth factors that whole blood does and can stimulate healing, by rebuilding joint cartilage, strengthening injured ligaments and tendons. This procedure is performed on osteoarthritic joints eg knees,shoulders and ankles. Sports injuries respond well in the acute phase.


This procedure involves taking 50ml of blood and then spinning it down and discarding the red cells, harvesting the serum and particularly the buffy coat rich in platelets and white cells. This is further spun and the concentrate of platelets and growth factor extracted are put under the light activator for 10 minutes and then injected into the injured tissue or joint.


The patient is told to rest the injured area for 24-36 hours and given passive exercises to do to aid the muscles around the joint. There is initially an inflammatory reaction which settles in few days which responds well to the application of heat, after which the patient should experience some relief to their chronic pain. This procedure is repeated at one to two week intervals usually 2-3 times.