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Quantec Radionics

Quantec® is the leading computer system in instrumental bio-communication in the world today. It uses advances in white noise diode technology to generate and transmit numerous remedies and treatments to patients via morphic fields. The advancements and innovation brought about by the Quantec device has made it the best selling Radionics device on the market.


Quantec has a vast number of applications from treatments for clients and animals, to pest control for gardens and offices not to mention the energetic therapies for businesses themselves.

System specifications

  • Quantec scans up to 50000 remedies for response in a couple of minutes.
  • Database entries include acupuncture, affirmations ICD10 codes, DNA, bach flowers,colour and sound, crystals, homeopathy and many more.
  • Quantec can automatically preform send jobs night and day for up to 500 targets. 

Scientific backing for Quantec
The laboratory of Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research( PEAR ) at Princeton University/USA have been studying the interface between man and machine through white noise diodes since the 1970's. In 1998 the global consciousness project was set up and at present there is over 65 diodes world wide participating in the monitoring of changes in global morphic fields/consciousness.  Extensive research has also been carried out at the " Campus Study Center for Applied Naturopathic Treatment" in Munich, Germany. In contrast to the work carried out in the United States the work in Germany has been focused on scanning individual conscious fields. There is extensive information for interested parties some of which can be found at the websites below.
Links for further information

Quantec website

Princeton University Global Consciousness Project