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Sodium Chlorite (MMS)

 Sodium Chlorite is a powerful oxidizing agent with multiple uses in the fight against disease.

Warning this product is sold for possible research purposes only Nutritherapy makes no claim as to its effciency.

Jim Humble's discovery of the uses of Sodium Chlorite as a powerful oxidizing agent with multiple uses to fight against disease is probably one of the most important discoveries of this century. Commonly know as MMS this amazing product can be used to strengthen the immune system , fight infection and boost the bodies fight against numerous chronic diseases including cancer. Sodium Chlorite is a powerful oxidizing agent and its sale on this site is for research purposes only, Nutritherapy will not be held responsible for its misuse.  Please make sure you are well aware of the possible application of this product together with its dangers. ( Please read through Jim Humbles free e-book on MMS available through our links page before considering purchasing this product)

Before consuming cannabis, know what's involved... get informed.